“Thud! Thud!” the sound of raindrops hitting the roof broke into my daydreams and brought me back to reality. It was a cold night, weather for two as people say but unfortunately, I was all alone and single to stupor, so I had snuggled my single self into a blanket and delved into my favourite pastime, daydreaming, and now I had been disturbed. I hissed as I tried to go back to my world of daydreams, but all efforts to do so proved futile. Then came this idea –starting a blog.

Growing up I had always loved writing, putting pen to paper as I sometimes called it. So here I am, telling my story (fictions and non-fiction) and expressing myself in the way I know how to do best.

8 thoughts on “HOW IT ALL BEGAN

  1. Helluva piece! I totally relate to the “all the single ladies” and “daydreamers” part. Awesome start and you got me. Anticipating…😍

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    1. Nice one dear. I was able to picture the scenario “Thud thud”, the sound of rain drops hitting the roof. The words are simple, yet constructive.
      Keep it up up.


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